Danish Temperature

– To date, our company already has installations for heating water using solar energy. Their distinguishing feature is the ability as a standalone operation (automatic control of heating), and system integration of individual heat your home. " These units can work in conjunction with other heat-generating devices (eg gas boilers), and the user gets a system of hot water and heating homes, which ultimately provides maximum comfort and savings. Work on the automatic saving energy – just a small part of the features of modern equipment for the home. As you know, the engine of progress is human laziness. Reluctance to walk led to the car, and not to get up off the couch, people have invented remote controls. Factor of "laziness" also applies to household gadgets: each family member would want them to have done for him all work. For example, there is equipment for temperature control in each room.

For these purposes, auto radiator thermostats, invented by the Danish company Danfoss. "Radiator temperature control (thermostat) – an automatic device designed to maintain the desired room temperature. It is installed on a pipe in front of the radiator. Thermostat can be installed in apartments with central heating, and cottages with individual heating system. This device allows you to select the optimum temperature for each room individually, "- said Oleg Pavlov, the head of direction "central heating" Danfoss. Everything you need from a man – set on the instrument the desired temperature in the range from +6 to +26 C, the device itself in the future will support temperature at a given level.

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