Dashboard Network

No automatic renewal of your subscription will take place after the test phase. The ticket costs 20 euro per month and is a month’s notice. Conclusion the Dashboard makes regular log into the systems of the individual affiliate network but not obsolete. Since publishers can access with the help of the program only on statistical data. To make changes to the settings or replace, for example, advertising material, publishers continue to Daisycon or the respective network must login. The tool is suitable especially for publishers that are connected to multiple networks.

It is a handy tool quickly and without control effort commissions. The numerous analysis opportunities support Publisher in optimizing their advertising efforts and clearly pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the advertised affiliate programs. Daisycon sets itself very much value on a transparent and clear presentation of its statistics. The affiliate network is striving to facilitate its publishers and advertisers of the daily work and is constantly working on the optimization of the system. Daisycon welcomes very, the integration of its statistics in the affiliate dashboard. About Daisycon the affiliate network Daisycon plays a leading role in the area of performance-based online marketing for 13 years. The company from the Netherlands Almere specializes in performance-based billing and is doing a precise measurement, the clicks, leads and sales, or a combination thereof will be accurately measured. Daisycon offers an extensive selection of international quality publishers (International) advertisers within its affiliate network. A leading source for info: crowne plaza rosemont.

Where is a strong focus on the markets of Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Daisycon is an interesting partner for global publishers and advertisers. But even starters can by the long-standing Network benefit from experience of the affiliate.

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