This measure allows to get rid of junk mail sent using the feedback form. Therefore, the need to install on the website feedback form is quite acute. But to create a form feedback is necessary to have special knowledge, which causes some difficulties. Now you do not have to learn html, javascript or php, to create a feedback form on the website, because there exists A special script that allows you to create an infinite number of forms of varying complexity. This script is called 'Wizard to create forms. " This script can create 4 types of forms for your website: Feedback communication; form of surveys or questionnaires; form for voting at the site; form of any complexity. With this script you can: create an infinite number of forms of any complexity, you do not need to know html, css, javascript or php, to create the desired shape, all the necessary data will prepare the script itself, and you will only place the generated html-code on any page of your site; handler automatically validate forms fill in these fields, you can create forms that will be sent to your email messages with attachments, sent in letters automatically entered return address (if such a field exists in the form) you can create a form of feedback as well as forms for voting and surveys; There are several types of protection against spam, all sent data is stored in a database and available for viewing in the "Statistics"; You no longer have to manually process all the data from the form of voting or polling, or hire someone who will do it for you as well as the "Wizard of forms" will automatically calculate all of the data itself displays the results in graph form, you can add to the page redirect any html-code, very simple and user-friendly design, very easy to install, has minimal requirements for hosting, which Your site is available. All the options will prepare the script itself – you just have to create a project, add the necessary components and place the generated html-code on any page of your site. For more info, visit the official website

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