Desigual – Fashion From The Current Autumn/winter Collection

The new articles of the autumn/winter collection of Desigual can be ordered online at Colorway.de in the shop. The Spanish label Desigual, based in Barcelona, is now currently in the Colorway.de shop with the latest autumn/winter collection represented. Desigual is known to produce a real eye-catcher. Such eye-catcher can be considered also this year again the detail designed coats. Who would like to make the grey winter days to colorful and cheerful, finds the Spanish label, which is known for its unusual designs, guarantees the right piece. The two new models of Berta and electric Macy shows the passion of Desigual designer for samples and material mixes. All the current collection are worked with exquisite attention to playful detail.

So come different buttons to use on the coats to the part, small trims and Lurexstickereien have been processed. The ladies 1st model demonstrate the global thought and back together of different influences. Here is located on the back of an Asian influenced print. Thanks to the Desigual design variant wealth is also the customer who wants it not quite so colorful, extravagant pieces in the current autumn/winter collection. Abstraccion Femina model stands out in a fancy black/white-compilation by using waves wool threads.

To, for Desigual almost simply for calling variants the model Mila heard also. In tone black, embroidered on the back, this model carries the manuscript with the colorful squiggles on the front. In spite of the rather restrained design, also this coat is quite clear to assign the manuscript from the House of Desigual. The consistent theme is reflected in the current autumn/winter collection in the look of the new clothes. The Donuts that are repeatedly found on the clothing of the Spanish label, are also here full used. This item in the new collection is innovative combined with Asian-inspired motifs such as geishas, Dragon and floral print. As another,. new element to the current collection uses Desigual shiny metallic print. This technique is used on the rock Elisa and Babulla models, as well as on the dress Nina. The tshirts are usual cheerful and colorful. The successful mix of patterns is maintained, the cuts are still figure stressed and are scattered of playful details such as wavy Trompelarmeln. With this new, in the Colorway.de shop has available autumn/winter collection Desigual again strengthened its legitimate position in the market of the innovative designer and a place among the Favorites of the fancy labels backed up. Press contact: Sven Ramspott color way ltd. Altenaer road 65 58675 Hemer Tel.: + 49 (0) 2372 5576111 E-Mail: Internet: about Colorway.de the company color way Ltd was founded in September 2006 we have today a wide range of trendy shoes, clothing, bags and accessories. Our focus is the fashion victims who are interested products, which do not exist on every corner in the area. We put for customers on a professional design, a very good website and ordering processes easy and understandable. We offer a safe and legally compliant shopping with the trusted store seal of approval with a money-back guarantee, low shipping costs, and a wide range of different payment options. In addition, we offer the customers the transparency of real customer reviews by the independent evaluation system Ekomi. Our employees and staff at the hotline and on-site in the shop back up the excellent and professional customer service.

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