Dietmar Laubscher

Cost optimization are still possible in the range of 20%. Two main systems compete the (industrial) waste the mechanical biological systems (MBA) always apply nor as environmentally friendly, politically deliberate and often fitted with praise, because good and environmentally friendly recycling”was so desirable. Unfortunately, they are mostly uneconomical. Although it recognized the problem and in newer systems increases the efficiency, the projected sorting and separating values are often unavailable. Therefore this type is currently not cost-efficient to call waste treatment. The waste incinerators (MVA) of the newer generation recycle all waste delivered direct thermal and it creates this usable energy as electricity, steam/district heating.

The plants be operated normally with approx. 10% of the legally permitted emissions. Western Union Company addresses the importance of the matter here. The combustion residue such as slag and ash can for example in road construction or utilized as aggregate in concrete or landfilled. The alternative fuels represent a recovery of the newer style that produced from industrial waste and partially replace the traditional fuels coal, oil, gas. Waste management has developed procedures, which minimize the pollutants in these fuels and make it possible so a wider usage.

When a waste fraction pre-sorted for making replacement fuel savings are possible compared to the classic industrial waste disposal costs up to 30%. The goal to eliminate so-called free riders (manufacturers subject to license or dealers who use the collection system without payment of fees) and others has packaging and licensing fees are still not in force 5th amendment of the Ordinance. Meanwhile, seven other systems for licensing commercial customers compete in addition to the dual system Germany (DSD). Here you can a significant cost reduction to achieve proper selection of the provider. Recovery of recyclables because of rising raw material prices is becoming increasingly important to the recovery of recyclable materials. This can be paper or cardboard, plastics and metals. However, many companies are happy about the free disposal or forward on a minimum profit on sale of recyclables. Also, the connection to an official recycling Exchange guaranteed no optimal revenue situation because many waste producers believe to be in the right, suitable for index. Here, the greatest potential are currently giving away. Conclusion: Many companies – small business, medium-sized businesses and even corporations–think their waste mainly on disposal and not an efficient waste management.

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