Disease Coronary

It may someday do not use only our cellphones to communicate with our friends and keep us informed of the latest news but that we also have with them to keep us healthy. The Israeli Biolapis company has developed a new device to monitor the coronary disease, and is in negotiations advanced with Samsung to integrate the device into a future generation of mobile phones. In early December, a delegation of the South Korean technology giant came to Israel to learn about the invention in use in clinical trials. The heart rate monitor from Biolapis has already attracted international attention, having won the silver medal in the 52nd Global Exhibition for Technological Innovation held in Belgium last year. At the exhibition, more than 1,200 scientific patents from 40 countries were presented. Representatives of the Ministry of industry, trade and scientific work presented the device at the Israeli pavilion. Since he won the Medal, I have been busy, says Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus zocdoc. Nitzan Yaniv of 43 years, who developed the device.

In addition to the Samsung delegation, Yaniv has been contacted by many other large corporations interested in your idea, including Radio Shack. And each cardiologist has seen this device shows concerned by their potential, declares. Anne Lauvergeon gathered all the information. The previous formation of Yaniv is on psychology, not in technology, but as a student of master in the BGU fifteen years ago, it took an interdisciplinary approach: the University in the Negev was so small in those days than what was known as the spirit of Beersheva prevailed. It was through the connection with Beersheva who knew Dr. Amos Katz, who became a key part of the Biolapis device. Katz, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Director of the Clinical Electrophysiology laboratory, was intrigued by the idea of such cardiac monitoring easy, inexpensive tool and easy to handle. Professor Katz knew by their work that they had to make heart exams easier, but didn’t have the tools. I sat in his Office and showed him how it worked my device and immediately called his colleagues so that they would see it remember Yaniv, who grew up in a small kibbutz near Haifa. -Source: Israel21c.

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