Dislexia: Some Questions

DISLEXIA: SOME QUESTIONS Introduction One of the main problems observed in the pedagogical process is inadequate behaviors of some pupils in the diverse pertaining to school activities. It has a confusion of decurrent internal and external problems of educational politics badly guided of a precarious formation that crosses all the pertaining to school levels, starting for the unpreparedness of the professors to deal with the conflicts that appear in the classrooms that contribute for the configuration of the picture. Rachel Crane has much experience in this field. In recent years, much has heard to speak in dislexia, but few professionals of the area of the education recognize the difficulties related for dislxicos pupils. to approach this subject has been challenging, either for unfamiliarity of the problem, the people, the belief of that it really exists.

The present research better looks for to clarify and to guide to that in certain way if they find involved with the problematic one of the upheaval of learning in the area of the reading, writing and spelling: parents, educators, familiar, enter others. It is looked to define the dislexia concept, as well as, mentions a historical briefing to it of the illness; its characteristics, classification and diagnosis and as a dislxico develop the activities proposal for the school. In general, one also searchs to clarify doubts regarding the treatment of the dislexia, the medicine use, its familiar context, the pertaining to school, social life and the conflicts that appear of the convivncia with a carrier in the classroom, therefore a child with dislexia in classroom demands a bigger attention on the part of the professor, in view of whom the treat problem was as a dislxica child participates of the activities daily in the pertaining to school environment that, for this problem we support as hypothesis that a didactics-pedagogical action directed toward the necessities special of the dislexia is possible to skirt problems of reading and writing that the pupil presents and that comes to present future.

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