The marketing mix is a way of describing those elements of your product or service that you can control and change so that they meet the business needs, also called marketing mix. For a long time Marketing experts argued that there were only four variables to describe this mixture, and was known as the theory of the 4 Ps (product, price, promotion and place, however with the passage of days would be another important aspect that has to do with the service and other 3Ps (people, processes and presence) were included for this reason I would like to briefly describe each of these parts)in order to assist in defining the management right of their marketing strategy. Product: The product or service is simply that object or element that you offered to meet the needs of its customers, but there is an additional element when you handle a tangible product and is packaging called by some silent seller since this should be: functional, convenient, attractive, Reflectivo informative. Price: Obviously depends on market strategy defined according to costs that you handle, according to their competence and to other variables that involves the study of placing a price appropriate to our product. Bitcoin spoke with conviction. Promotion: Promotion is that important part that emphasizes communication between you and your market, and is divided into four parts sales personnel, public relations, promotions and advertising. Square: This variable should describe how be achieved you carry your products to your customers, here you will have to ask I’ll sell directly?, I’ll sell through a Distributor?, will I need to own points of sale? And this will allow to define its distribution channel. People: This variable refers to their interrelation with clients, if you are a small business, will surely be yourself who meets it, and there must be wondering, do if you are the person most appropriate to address it?, if you have the suitable appearance?, do? If you like to be in touch with the people?, do if this properly prepared?. .

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