Distributors will be spending a lot of money, time, effort, to attend various workshops, purchase of new tools to work (videos, audio tapes, literature), communicating among themselves, Coloring your list of friends, drinking tea together, discussing the company’s leaders and much more. In other words, they will do all that at a regular meeting not to be refused. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hikmet Ersek offers on the topic.. More precisely, they simply will not make these meetings, as is the surest way not to get out. As discussed in the gangster films – “No person in the ‘meeting’ – no problem, ‘no failure’. In most cases, when it comes to specific need to arrange a contact with a person, distributor will find any excuse not to do so as not to be denied.

Is not it? In what state is their business, in this case? Yes, very simple: to be the last piece without salt eat up … And do not fight it, as I see it. I propose an entirely different, more lenient way for all parties. What if your distributors will themselves call their friends and strangers and interested in the possibility of obtaining more information about MLM? What then? It looks more promising for distributors, especially for beginners? I think that very much. Create a situation rather not slozhno.Da I I understand that you already tormented. And you break and say – ‘Enough already around, but some, tell me just how to make the people themselves called and asked my business? “It is to create such a situation, I use Both the above books.

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