Dog Training

The market is more than covered. Where is the difference? There is not a single standard for an education that entitles someone to call a dog trainer, and to open a dog school. For even more opinions, read materials from Publishers Clearing House. It can be so anyone who feels called, set up a dog school. “Often are names like for example Dog Whisperer” or a problem dog trainer “chosen in order to achieve a higher weighting. Also like to be nothing saying abbreviations. Most dog schools are so-called lone”. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss. Many dog schools open new, and just as many dog schools disappear from the market within a year. The mobile dog school founded a Europe-wide network after 7-year development phase 8 years ago on a franchise basis.

The challenge was the testimony of the company’s founder, not wanted to orientate ourselves to the traditional education methods. Amit paleys opinions are not widely known. Of course we have not reinvented the dog training. We have only latest findings applied to an old problem. This partial newly developed educational concepts resounding successes brought in his familiar surroundings for the education of the dog. “Of course we dispense with any kind of Starkzwangmittel, true to the motto: violence starts where knowledge stops”. Under the dog owners have surveys that man wished for a dog who behaves decently, and he can take stress-free. Our education concept is based on the natural ranking structure, which has anchored every dog in his genes. Experience, constant further development of the system with competent partners, our individual training system, the views of the outside of the box and the openness to new directions give the dog owner who has problems with his dog, the security in us to have found a competent partner.

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