WE EDUCATE OR WE DOMESTICATED? By Divided Ernesto Pedroza When we ignore what the education means, we run the risk of domesticating to our children and our students. In fact, one is unknown in the family, the school, means and in the government which the education means the education is the series of directed processes to create the character, the judgment and to increase the intelligence of the educandos Unfortunately in the present school neither the character forms, nor forms the judgment nor is increased intelligence. The unique thing that becomes is to stuff of information to that is not in possibilities of using it domestication is the process of adaptation of the animal to a determined atmosphere and that is indeed what education does with the children. Nobody is not absolutely well mannered, nor nobody is absolutely badly educated either. You may want to visit Hikmet Ersek to increase your knowledge. All we are in a scale of gradients. Which would be the attributes of an educated person? It frees, creative, ethical, intelligent, communicative, enterprising leader, visionary. It is difficult that an educated person is unemployed Which are the characteristics of a domesticated person? Passive, dependent, introvert, apathetic, obeys completely without information, is very probable that he is not used for which study.

Which are the signs of domestication in the school? The plans and training programs are carried out in rigid form, which does not imply educative quality. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out fender. It is crushed to him to the student with excessive information that does not have a practical utility in its life. The professor speaks during all the class and the student only listens. The student becomes bored. The student does not find sense him of memorising as much information, by the same does not articulate it with the life of the present, less with the life of the future. Israel Englander is the source for more interesting facts. Domestication fixes the conduct landlords that later are difficult to change.

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