It is a very habitual error when one is the launching of a site and having as it puts the positioning Web of the same, to buy a dominion with a certain antiquity and a prestablecido organic positioning, assuming that this will give some type of advantage by on the name of dominion just registered. To buy dominions with a certain impulse as soon as traffic is not a bad idea, but Google can have some objections with respect to this. When Google indexes a page immediately compares with the versions antigas more than it keeps in his servants. The fundamental directive of Google in this point is to fight the Spam. Therefore it will arbitrate a series of tools to try to detect what content class is the one that offers each website, and if he himself can be considered like valuable by the users. For this reason there are certain details that will shoot the alarms of Google with respect to the quality of the site, and to detect if the last purpose of the page is the Spam. And one of these problematic subjects is the radical changes of content of the page Web. Google will detect extremely deep changes in the architecture of the Web being able to be in a penalty, clearing the Pagerank by which an important sum of money had been pleased, and delaying several places in the result pages.

Consequently the realised investment will have stopped the waste basket. Google also detects the changes of hosting. If the page also changes several times in a short period of time of lodging it can be considered like something negative. In himself, the change of ownership, is not reason for penalty. But what Google will see with bad eyes they are websites whose purpose is not to offer a value to the user, and whose final destiny is the interchange or the sale of links.

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