Don Quixote

Intuited that the material that was made was a plot of dissimilar feelings and events that engage in such a way that it would be impossible to undo it. The knot was a symbol, a synthesis, was interwoven sum all that dwelt there. He returned to the House next to Don Quixote, in an abysmal silence, only could be heard in the distance the tac tac tac… Never again came out to walk. Neighbors They said that had gone mad.

Occurred eclipses, comets, meteor showers passed, as causing the look of the old, but this had lost the interest of looking at the universe through the window. Now that enigmatic knot he created with his gaze and tried to capture it on canvas, painted and painted. With the months ended the box, I was happy but he wouldn’t run a shiver when I watched it, it was closed, so impregnable. One night, while I was doing chores arrears due to his obsession with painting, he felt sirens. He left the House, he was surprised to see the burnt forest, trees of the hills seemed wrapped in flame red, as if they were coming from the center of the Earth. A smell of incense permeated the air, he was frightened, by the way the neighbors cars were fast to help fight the fire. After a few hours of waiting was approached by the way, the neighbors regresaban._ do not know that happens Don Ariel, it was not a fire, it is a red reflection that comes out of the Earth.

He could not sleep, looked at the box and felt the need to paint background the forest in flames, then came up with that knot could not be so closed in that landscape Dantesque, as if he emanara a heat that can cause the opening of the tightly woven, and opened it. It remained as an inert and opaque semi-open flower. He could not hang it as his other works, he wrapped it with much paper, and finally in a dark cloth bag. You saved it in the basement, among the less desirable things. His face expressed some ironic perversity, was a secret ceremony, Don Quixote was only a witness. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from crowne plaza rosemont. Mysteriously, after that night, never more was heard around the city and its surroundings the chilling tac tac tac original author and source of the article.

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