There are only a calm and relaxed. Ideally you will be able to hold the attention of both the two poles, without any discomfort or preferences at the moment one of them (but at first this does not always happen). At the end of the elaboration of duality may occur laugh – one of the indicators of the negative discharge. You may also receive a new understanding of the situation, the solution of the problem. After achieving the result must be completed work with the duality. To find your current duality, it suffices to answer the several questions: what is important to me what I want and what I am afraid that I want to change in my life that I think about the past? Response to specific question – is one pole. Another, opposite, must be chosen to receive a full duality. Both poles of duality must 'cling' to cause a reaction! Make sure that the second pole was completely opposite to the first.

Study correctly stated the duality is less effective. To work through each of duality must be to choose the appropriate technique. The essence of modeling techniques of the poles is alternately creating and retaining the attention of the poles. Necessary to create the idea of mapping the first pole, hold it for a while, and then create and retain the idea of the second pole. "New Idea" means to think this idea or to make the idea of an existing one. It is desirable to retain the idea of even a few seconds, but will be floated and discharged material from the past, associated with or held a pole. By the end of elaboration to hold the pole will be easy – do emerge will be gone.

Try to feel as held by the idea. Alternately, repeat 1, 2, 1, 2, etc., taking AS IS any mental garbage, and continue to the final result. It is very simple and powerful technique for the elaboration of dualities, which is taken from the site. When you create a idea try to give her confidence, as you may have – this will increase efficiency. Technique description of the poles is detail of painting material related to duality. Divide a sheet of paper in half by a vertical line. At the top of the first column, write one pole in the second – on the other. Describe in detail each pole: the meaning of this polarity what is the significance for you. Under each pole write all that you associated with it: emotions, expectations, thoughts, decisions, goals, experiences, people, awareness, etc. Initially, the material floats himself, just sit down and write. Filter does not need, none of this will not be read. The goal is to exhaust all the material associated with each pole. Follow to the end result. Having exhausted the material sheets can be destroyed.

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