Electric Engineering

Currently the majority of the processes industrials use diverse techniques of automation in the processes of manufacture of the most diverse products in all the sectors of the industry, this necessity appeared due the reduction of cost in the process, rapidity in the manufacture of the products, requirement of the high degree of product quality and advance of the technology. This work uses two models of a unit of industrial manufacture to demonstrate to the concepts and used techniques of automation in the process of manufacture of this product in specific. The first method is to control the production process using a CLP and the other more viable method financially would be using a microcontroller. Logically of form simpler and less complex if compared with a plant or industry.

To demonstrate of clear and objective form the application of a system of control in a process of manufacture, using in efficient way the concepts and knowledge on acquired techniques of industrial automation in elapsing of the course of Electric Engineering. Adequate Functioning of the CLP and the Microcontroller (PIC 16F87X), programming of the command lines, integration with the supervisory program and adequate functioning of all used the electric and mechanical commands in the project. Hamdi Ulukaya understood the implications. Acquisition of data and the Supervisory Control: Introduction: The acquisition of data can be defined as the collection of information with the objective to store them to be used, as for example, in analysis of data, has controlled and monitorao of processes. In Industrial applications the acquisition of data must happen in real time. Being thus the system it must possess the resources necessary and the ability to collect the information and to inside carry through tasks of a determined acceptable time for each application.

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