Emergency Stop Switch Provide Certainty

The Zain GmbH factory representatives from Berlin inform our entire economy depends on the healthy function of a variety of machines, equipment and vehicles. However, has no engineering or computer specialist found yet a way completely to avoid the emergence of consequential failures. For accidents and dangerous situations as pest-free as possible running through unforeseen situations and technical defects, get reliable safety circuits to use that as soon as possible to stop machines and secure. The Berlin electrical engineering experts of Zieger GmbH will inform about the use of emergency-off switches in the security. Machines are nowadays rarely still of course powered by steam, but usually need electricity to function.

In unwanted power failure this can use as real nuisance out, at the same time power but also a vulnerability that makes the safety circuits, to quickly turn off machines in hazardous situations and in a safe State to move. With emergency stop switches, it is possible to turn off machines of any size handshake. Emergency stop switch to enable a rapid response to threats. To do this they must comply with uniform standards, easily allowing experienced equipment operators and accident helpers hurrying up random, to find the safety switch and use. Typically are held, the active elements of the emergency-off switch in a bright red that stands out sharply from a yellow base. Designed as a mushroom switch or pull cord, they are intuitive to use. Of course, the switch somewhere obvious, easily accessible must be attached so that it can be used quickly in case of extreme emergency.

The actuation of the emergency-off switch interrupts the power supply to the machine. This lock, to prevent their unexpected restart. Emergency switch-off devices ensure a risk just shutting down the machine. So an immediate interruption of the power supply may create additional risks, if a Machine contains heavy, moving elements, which must initially be braked. Safety regulations divide into so-called stop classes that determine how to disable them in case of danger machines for this purpose. Emergency stop switches are an essential element of the safe design of machines of all kinds. The Berlin electronics experts of Zieger GmbH represent well-known manufacturers of electrical safety technologies and answer more questions for the protection of industrial technologies.

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