without criteria of relevance is new home for deleted Wikipedia article PlusPedia – encyclopedia without relevance criteria Hausen is new home for deleted Wikipedia article, December 12, 2009. The Wikipedia project is in crisis. Two groups of users to the so-called criteria of relevance wrestle for many months. Behind the question is: what criteria must an article to be included in the online encyclopedia? The new Internet portal PlusPedia has answered this question in a way that is simple and clear: “There is no relevancy criteria!” Under this aspect, the PlusPedia save Wikipedia articles before they are deleted. Six weeks later, over 3,200 “irrelevant” articles with diverse information and interesting texts to the user have been made available again. In this connection, the team of PlusPedia is quite the finger in the wound of the dinosaur Wikipedia has become cumbersome. So, for example, a category titled “Wikipedia disgrace” was established. This article lists according to the PlusPedia user irresponsibly have been deleted.

The PlusPedia active work according to the motto: “The Wikipedia know infinitely – the PlusPedia a little bit more!” But not only the deleted article Wikipedia created, parallel to a full-fledged encyclopedia. Due to the non-existent criteria of relevance, even small clubs, companies, schools, music bands or clubs find their place in the PlusPedia. The mistakes that were made in the Wikipedia, should not be repeated. Countless users have scraped themselves up there in nonsensical discussions of relevance. The Wikipedia complaints already a loss of author for some time.

Furthermore, an elite group of users has emerged, sitting apparently lost sight of a realistic and balanced image of reality in an ivory tower. An improvement in the situation is no longer to be expected within the Wikipedia. PlusPedia is therefore the alternative. Instead of long debate relevancy, is used to sense the time article saved and improved.

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