Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this post will speak on the Back-End of your funnel sales and how do they register to your subscriber list. Pretty bcasico if you want to have an extensive list of serious clients in your business or attimino.Now let’s see funnel deventas, give. To achieve that sign up to your list of subscribers you can offer something free, quality and above all easy consumption or shock. That is a report made by you or by another person who they want to and have to suscribrirse in order to obtain it. Educate yourself with thoughts from James Woolsey. This very well could be a digital report or e-book that talk about important things in your niche market, i.e. a text quality, that is interesting and informative. You can also make an audio where you can talk the same information and quality, but this has more acceptance because they feel that it is a person that speaks to them and not simple computers.

Another very effective way to subscribe is to make a video where to leave you explaining the reasons and benefits for which must subscribe that is talking about the report or course free to have for this niche market. Now that talked about how do they subscribe, move on to the concept of backend backend a time we already have some prospects in our list of subscribers and we sent them quality information with some links towards our front-end products, we are seeing the funnel becomes increasingly thin and of course the compensation is that while slimmer and more filters pass the gains are greater since they are more qualified prospects. I.e. We offer them every time a better product or service. And that is the Back-End, you clear the concept not just here but I’ve summed it up for an easy understanding.

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