Environment Events

In fact competitive differentiation engine passes through the handling of uncertainty, both received from the environment, such as the induced environment. You can become a facilitator, from the point of view of search alternatives and view situations in the novel form. Be considered when the degrees of uncertainty are high and exception situations are frequent (or tend to be so) management action tends to deviate from the parameters of normality in the sense of that usual management techniques and tools no longer offer adequate answers and control can be lost. Then the uncertainty ceases to be a stimulus and becomes a problem; affecting the decision-making process. for more info. Be present in any decision-making process there must be dose of common sense and intuition; in the case of high uncertainty is suitable to apply them, not evaluating situations that are visible, but evaluating information from intelligence; or is filtered to remove messages and own the situation contramensajes. By the same author: Dell EMC. It is said that decision-making under uncertainty would be the equivalent of the flight by instruments in aviation which passes through the cold analysis of indicators provided systematically by a referential consistent source. We must not forget that uncertainty there are no clear visibility and way to survive is moving based on indicators. Decision-making by direct reaction, equivalent to visual flight is not recommended.

It suggests the importance of identifying the list of events that may affect the performance of the business. You might think that certain national events could affect all domestic companies alike, or that certain international events could affect all international companies alike. But that is not so; in an impact analysis, will identify the characteristics of the relationship between the company and the stimulus / event and decompose that relationship in parts assessable and thus reach the true magnitude of the impact. He says, that an economic policy of effects perceived as negative by entrepreneurs, will not affect equally all them; and therefore the ability to develop compensatory actions shall be differentiated.

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