Equipment For The Aquarium

Of course, a set of equipment depends on the type of aquarium, the fish species that you have decided to also include other individual characteristics of each aquarium. We consider the most common variant complete aquarium equipment. 1. Lamp. For lighting aquarium lighting needs. Instead of conventional fluorescent lamps, aquarium lamps can be set with an extended range of a spectrum. Andrew Cuomo may find this interesting as well. Good effect can be achieved if combine the blue lamp with the lamp warm tones. 2.

Warmer. Click Millennium Management for additional related pages. The aquarium should be set equipped with a heater thermostat. Sometimes the temperature on the heater does not match the actual temperature. For example, the heater is indicated temperature is 25 degrees and the water it heats up to 27, so the work of the heater must be controlled with a thermometer. Over time, you'll just want to know how "lies" your heater. 3. Thermometer.

So you can check the temperature of the water in the aquarium should be a thermometer. I do not advise the thermometer to stick to the walls of the aquarium, since it will show the temperature in the room. 4. Filter. For biological and mechanical water purification needed a filter. I use an internal biological filter, filled with a mixture of zeolite and carbon. 5. Aerator. Fish need to breathe the air dissolved in water. This will require a compressor or aerator. Compressor only supplies air to the aquarium. Aerator, in contrast to the compressor is installed inside the tank and additionally provides mechanical filtering and efficient movement of water.

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