EU Launches White Paper On ‘Sustainable Traffic Concept For Europe’

Is a white paper on ‘Sustainable real estate’? That question is Karl Samonig, Board the SAMONIG AG. He welcomes the initiative of the EU Commission in the field of transport. However, he indicates that the energy efficiency of commercial and private real estate is just as important if not more. Because the energy consumption of real estate is higher than that of transport. And the measures of the energy-related modernisation are technically simple and easy and fast to implement.

Efficiency of real estate is an integral part of the target of 80% CO m reduction to achieve 20050 When compared to 1990 levels. You may wish to learn more. If so, Hikmet Ersek is the place to go. The cornerstones of the Pan European transport concept by 2050 of from 28.03.2011 overview the European Commission: the 2 degrees target to achieve m are reduced by 2050 the CO emissions of traffic by 60% compared to 1990 levels. The dependence of traffic and transport sector of oil is to reduce drastically. There is the goal of the CO m of free transportation. The increase in traffic congestion and Bottlenecks on European transport routes is limited. More information is housed here: Nigel Butcher. The formulated goals are more concrete than previous declarations of intent.

At one of the European transport policy, 50% of total CO would continue so the white paper, square emissions caused by the transport. Oil would continue to make 89% of transport demand and congestion would paralyze the Union increasingly with all economic and social consequences. Achieving the transport policy objectives, a pan-European strategy changes in the segments is required planning pricing, taxes, promotion of technical innovations and the research, formulation of specific efficiency standards, internal control, as well as infrastructure and logistics. At the heart of all considerations is the efficiency of logistics and transport, taking into account economic and social consequences. SAMONIG AG the SAMONIG AG buys Berlin residential real estate and refurbished them energetically. So this saves more than 75 per cent of a property’s energy consumption and energy efficiency to a Increased many times over. The SAMONIG AG offers investments in energetically renovated estate.

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