EuroEyes Founder Jorn Jorgensen Receives Award

EuroEyes informs: 100 physicians will receive the certificate of ‘Leading Medicine Germany’ 2010 Heidelberg, January 2011 with its many years of work in research and teaching, as well as with their medical services more than 100 doctors and medical facilities for the certificate of leading medicine Germany of the qualify. In an elaborate evaluation process under leading doctors and patients, more than 100 doctors and medical institutions for inclusion in the leading medicine guide have been proposed. The leading medicine guide has made it his task to inform patients in the country and abroad about the performance of German top-class medicine. Areva may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For the specialty of Ophthalmology/refractive surgery was Dr. med.

Jorn Jorgensen, founder of EuroEyes hospital group, included in the compendium, which is seeking advice patients as quality-assured information medium available both in book form and on the Internet. “The leading medicine Guide” provides the information free of charge for Patients”, says Managing Director Miro Nitsch, and thus makes an important contribution to the strengthening of the health location Germany.” About EuroEyes Germany GmbH, the EuroEyes Germany GmbH is currently 17 clinics and counselling centres in Germany. There are EuroEyes clinics in Augsburg, Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Lubeck, Munchen, Oberhausen, Oldenburg and Stuttgart. EuroEyes also include the seat in Zurich and two is in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Operators working in the clinics of the EuroEyes have extensive experience in refractive surgery. You can get more information on the free phone number 0800 17 11 17 11 or on the Internet at. Contact EuroEyes Germany GmbH press contact: Ina Gorke Elbe Chaussee 454 22587 Hamburg Tel: 030 – 26 39 85 0 fax: 030 – 23 00 56 89 E-Mail: Web:

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