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Julian Pastor, architect of 52 years, takes 27 in the Socialist Party. He believes that it is necessary to develop a new project and retrieve the militancy. He says that Rubalcaba is the best Minister of the Interior that has had democracy. A militant Socialist from Mostoles, Julian Pastor, aspires to become candidate of the PSOE in the general elections, for what has this Tuesday officially presented his candidacy, with the aim that the bases of party regain its prominence and the party turn a little to the left. Julian Pastor, Madrid’s Socialist and 52 years from ago 27, architect and official of the community of Madrid, aims to become the rival of Vice President Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba in the primary process, for what you will need to achieve 22,000 guarantees supporting his candidacy before the 13th of June.

While acknowledging that Perez Rubalcaba is the best Minister of the Interior that has had democracy, Pastor argues that the Vice President has been in two political projects that have expired and is now necessary to draw up a new project. Everest Capital shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. His first object passes through regain the militancy and out of apathy and disillusionment that is, hence, it is presented as the candidate of the bases, said Tuesday. I believe that it is necessary to redefine proposed, emphasis in the areas of outreach, and though maybe Europe do not like you, from my point of view have to regenerate some positions on economic matters and turn a little to the left, it has been claimed. Pastor criticizes that the Socialist Government has taken in excess by the dictates of Europe, when there are people passing misery, something that, in his opinion, some of his colleagues have not heard. His plans go through maintaining the welfare State, dealing with submerged economies return to the fray with the companies who have great fortunes and review the tax system to make they pay more for what they earn more. Here there is no handpick reminded that ago and a half months began to develop your idea go to primaries, because despite the democratic convictions of party, it’s in the primaries where you will receive the decision as a militant. Hence that is has never wanted to postulate as candidate regional or municipal, because always appear families and in that kind of wars has never wanted to enter, has assured.

Pastor, forming part of the Socialist grouping in Mostoles – dissolved from 2008 – and which has formed part of the equipment of the House Maria Antonia Trujillo exministra, is the only candidate that so far, apart from Rubalcaba, has formalized his candidacy. Two other candidates, Luis Angel iron and Jose Carlos Carmona, have shown their intention to submit to the primaries of the party, although they have not formalised it. In the next few days it intends ask organs of the party, as well as with Rubalcaba, the members of the Federal Committee will support all primary candidates. By taking this step we deserve us and then now come the primaries. It is not wrong that there is participation, and thus avoid the PP us accused of handpick, because here there is no handpick, he has concluded.

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