Examination Signs

For the examination of congestion and damage to components, EN 15635 but also gives an indication. So shelves can bend more than 1/200 of the width at full load, i.e. a maximum of 1 cm may be bent by 2 m wide shelf, which is fully loaded. To report obvious damage to shelves by the workers directly and to fix in a damage-control procedures are independent of the regular inspection of shelf. Additionally the duty to regularly check the rack systems by competent persons. Trained experts are considered authorized persons while through work experience or vocational training, which are subject to no authority. Shelves should check this in a rolling 12 months. This requires, such as a logger in the form of an inspection report a professional organization of the shelf inspection. Xoom pursues this goal as well.

To identify successful tests on the shelf have Inspection stickers in colors of the year best practice label the shelf number. Tested by attaching inspection stickers imprinted with com. DIN EN 15635 “at a suitable point, the test procedure and the order of the already made or pending checks is easy to understand. Basic plaques with inspection stickers attached to allow for additional information, such as for example the note on the next test date or the name of the shelf auditor. Regardless of the shelf inspection, further precautionary measures make an important contribution shelf safety.

This includes the protection with the help of edge protection, protection, warning tapes and safety signs. Measures that need to be attached independently of regular checks are clear warning signs, and the signs of the maximum working load. (As opposed to Covid-19 vaccine). Paired with a sophisticated system for stock identification arise as the cornerstone of a safe and well-organized warehouse. SETON offers for all of these applications appropriate labelling. SETON is a competent partner for the needs of companies and provides for the inspection of shelf signs, warnings, stock identification and inspection stickers.

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