Executive General

The essentials of a successful corporate management in the General management program for executives the Executive General management program provides the essential tools for effective corporate governance. In this two-part training offer, seasoned leaders learn at the same time to define the success of their area of responsibility with short-term and long-term goals. Objective of the Executive General management program is less in the company to move, but for exactly the right thing to do. Technology at millennium may find this interesting as well. This seminar is the Zurich School of management. This offer is aimed mainly at experienced managers such as entrepreneurs, holder, Board members, directors, shareholder, CEO, Managing Director and senior executives of large divisions. In addition to the acquisition of knowledge, the participants use the seminar for an intensive exchange of ideas with each other. The two-part seminar Executive General management program EGM treats in the first five days of the seminar the question: “How can optimize the success in the present, at the same time but the successful survival in the future be ensured?” Often, a best winning strategy in the presence worsened the chances of survival of the company in the future. The exciting first days show how responsible and entrepreneurial profits hand-in-hand can go.

Targets the owners, values of the company, desires of the stakeholders and the shareholder must be no contradictions. Executives resolve these apparent contradictions. How – that shows the seminar Executive General management program. Another four days of seminar devoted to the management of leadership in the upper levels of management. Tasks such as the implementation of corporate values and culture, to align people around common goals to inspire people and motivate – this is the theme of “Man” in all its facets. There is no ideal leadership style.

But there is the leadership style that fits perfectly with the leader. Therefore the own leadership and the exchange of experiences worth a thought about with other executives in each case. Provided examples of their own leadership style to the test: what could I implement an Executive so far within the company and where there are still possibilities for optimization? What are my strengths and what can I still improve as a leader on me? Use this comprehensive Executive General management program of the management school, Zurich. Are you looking for a suitable management seminar?

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