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Also it is of great importance in the study of the tectnicas plates, that allows to understand the formation of terrestrial crust of great scale, and thus to establish places that they can be explored of some form, as for example, search of oil or ores. 3.A GEOPHYSICAL IN BRAZIL the geophysicist in Brazil is relatively new, for being a scientific area little known, however, the majority of the phenomena studied for it, as for example, earthquakes and volcanos, are seen constantly in the media. Although the geophysicist not to have great impact in Brazil, in relation its spreading, the use of its methods is of great importance in the understanding of some natural phenomena. In 1984 the first course in Geophysicist in Brazil in the Astronomical and Geophysical Institute of the University of So Paulo was only created (USP), some years later the course it was implanted in the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA), and thus in other Universities. The creation of this new course was of great importance, since the formed pupils at the time already would start to act as geophysical, and to contribute with ambient studies.

Although the growth of the population of geophysicists, Brazil still is devoid for these professionals, being that, in 1989 only 450 geophysicists existed, and if to take in consideration the territorial band of Brazil, that is very great, where still they exist you vary unexplored regions, is few geophysicists in Brazil in relation to other countries. So that this demand for geophysicists comes to diminish, it is necessary that the Universities that not yet work with the geophysicist start to think about the possibility of the creation of the course in the department, since on studies to the geophysicist is growing each time more in all Brazil. 4.CONSIDERAES FINAL We perceive that the necessary geophysicist of a bigger attention. the challenge is as to divulge the geophysicist and its methods in adequate and applicable way, in view of the spreading in the Federal Universities or even though implantation of the area as new course it physics department, since today only some federal universities, as, USP, UFBA and UFPA, possesss graduation in geophysicist. 5.REFERNCIAS 1 – 2 – 3 – 4-AURINO RIBEIRO SON, DIONICARLOS YOU WILL SOUND DE VASCONCELOS AND OLIVAL FREIRE Jr the French Contribution to Ensino and the Research in Geophysicist in the State of the Bahia, Reviewed Brazilian of Education of Physics, vol. 25, 2003.

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