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' ' The research has been responsible for what of better Brazil produces for the agreement of the folklore, its projection in the culture, its preservation in sociedade.' ' (Barreto, Luiz Antonio. Get all the facts and insights with Jeff Gennette, another great source of information. Folklore and communication, P.105) From now on, will be emphasized one, manifestation that a cultural plurality presents, since this if originated from the European, and when arriving at Brazil it suffered changes in its form. On the basis of the used methodology, was carried through the verbal method of history, with the use of interviews of the firing pin of the folklore of Itaporanga, and when making a bibliographical research with articles related to the subject, notices contradictions the what concerns history of the reisado one of Itaporanga. ' ' In Itaporanga D' Aid we find the Reisado of ' ' Z of the Vale' ' , as it is known in the city commanded for Juarez Master, natural of l' ' 3 In moving, to this affirmation same one presents controversy, being that the denomination ' ' Z of the Vale' ' it does not mention itself to Mr. Juarez, and yes to the personage who represents in the folguedo, being this also known as Mateus. In the article elaborated for academics of the Federal University of Sergipe, whose subject mentions the Reisado to it de Itaporanga D' Aid, counts the creation of the Reisado has more than 75 years, being the founder ' ' Mida&#039 owner; '. However as Mr. Juarez the foundation of the Reisado in the city if gave through ' ' Z cantor' ' , that Pretty Water of the city was presented in the Town, the same that already was sanctioned for Mr.

Juarez during its infancy. after to witness these presentations, its father, Mr. Jose Pine, with Small Owner and Mr. Jovino had together decided to create its proper Reisado on account, since Z Singer would have left of the city, thus leaving the tradition of the new brincantes.

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