Federal University

Currently, religious education or Christian education, already represents concern for academic group of bencheses of the many Brazilian states, strengthened for already the existing one, licenciatura in Religious Education and for the courses of Broad after-graduation sensu and Stricto sensu. Retaking to the narrative, in 1987, after to have concluded the course of Full Licenciatura in Pedagogia for the Federal University of Sergipe (in 1986), the order, was to work in the State School of 1. 2. Degrees ' ' Leandro Maciel' ' , in the sector of the Service Pedagogical Technician, and complementing the horria load, in the same surrounding, working Christian Education, in the groups of 5. to 8. series of Basic Ensino, and 1. to 3.

years of Average Ensino, according to legislation of the time, and as component of the technician-pedagogical team, developing collective sessions with the pupils. Applying knowledge and it disciplines learned and improved for the intensive studies of recycling? in the facultieses, the similar institutions, throughout the course of the life; it always looked for to develop acolhedora position to all and all, as much in lessons of Christian education, how much in the collective sessions or the educational activities that if destined to it. It never contemplated the displeasure to see some pupil (a) to absent itself of the classroom for not accepting the contents that applied or for inaceitao, in the case, of the lesson of Christian education that it gave. All were become involved in the debates, in the healthy quarrels, the reflexionativa conversation of the subject of that day. Even in days of festejos or accomplishment of national or state games, the fourth fairs, them they preferred to remain in our lessons participating of our debates, to the light of the Christian education, it says the author and it continues: In the biweekly ends of week (to Saturdays), the meetings of planning and orientation to the weekly work for the central team? great source of light? it enriched in them of knowledge and it filled in them of much energy to face plus one week of good expectations with our pupils.

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