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water, or still for the pollution of the air caused for the smoke of the industries, cars, and mainly for the destruction of the forests, in special of the Amaznia. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo. Such cited problems previously cause still others as contamination and pollution of underground courses d ozone layer aggravating the effect greenhouse and heating the planet. The respective cited problems are generalized and to a great extent caused for the greed of a minority each richer time, while the majority is kept out of society lives in the absolute misery. Regarding the global heating searching they affirm that in about 100 years the planet heated about 0,7 C, it seems little more is the sufficient to affect the climatic balance of the planet. The perspectives for next the 50 years are more alarming (preoccupying) still, therefore to foresee that the planet heats 3,5 C more than, this would be catastrophic, taking in consideration storms, droughts, etc., that already we suffer in 2005. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Data of NASA affirm that in the next decades it will occur in the world international migrations of people, decurrent of the ascent of level of the oceans. The increase of water level of the oceans to give it for the melting of great glaciers, and with this islands> the man this harvesting the fruits of its irresponsibility in detriment of wealth and profits, this form the man and the nature is in collision route.

If we will be to think about el nio and there he sings to sleep, they are natural phenomena that occur in the planet since always, with a frequency of occurrence to each the 8 10 years; however hand the situation most serious is of the forests of the hemisphere the North, more citizens to the sudden variation of temperature. They is esteem that regions as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia have superior losses of habitat 40%. Adverte the zologo Adam Markham, of the ONG Clean Air-Cool> intelligence . *Mestre in Ecology and Handling of Natural resources Federal University of the Acre.

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