Federal University

Since early it comes working with a conception of education for the awareness of its members, come back at the beginning toward the children and later toward the adults. Since early the MST it uses the ideas left by Freire, in the alfabetizao of young adult, in sight that many militant ones had not had the chance to initiate its studies or to give to continuity they, and today the Movement counts also on the Cuban method of alfabetizao of adults ' ' Yo itself puedo' ' (Yes, I can), method this awardee for UNESCO in the 2002 and 2003, of the pedagogical point of view, ideal is that after the alfabetizao in ' ' Yes, I posso' ' the pupils, continue participating in the programs of young education of adult, therefore to only alfabetizar is not enough. Also thinking about the formation of the integrant ones of the movement, other courses are thought, and thinking about the preservation of the environment, in taking off of the land the form sustenance that can preserve it and therefore the implementation of the Course of Agroecologia, so that it has a qualification technique and a bigger level of knowledge for the workers, with contents proper and come back toward reality of the involved people, so that thus it can have a bigger development in the nestings, therefore this contributes for the demand that the Movement needs this if with the participation of the involved people, being a perspective of partner-ambient change in a support process, therefore the agroecolgico course is presented, currently, as the main approach of the MST. The Course Technician in Agroecologia that has in the observed School, is an accord firmed between the Movement and the Funpar Foundation of Federal University of the Paran, with the intervention of the UFPR? Federal university of the Paran and the ITEPA? Institute Technician of Education and Research of the Agrarian Reformation, this has duration of three years and understands seven stages being organized in a period of alternation, having as priority to take care of to the neighboring regions of the West and Center West of the State of the Paran and countries as Argentina and Paraguay.

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