Financial Director

If you are asking for a work in which you handle to the money or the objects of value like a runner or Financial Director, for example or one where they will only trust to him being in an office, as to be part of a cleaning equipment, the company can ask to work free with a check Called of how conseguri credit report, before contracting to him. A study done by the university of the east of Kentucky found that there is connection no proven between " bureau of credito" and the abilities of the work. But that has not stopped landlords to use credit to calibrate if they must contract a work candidate. If you need to clean to its credit Many landlords they see a chaotic history of credit as sample that you can be nontrustworthy worker. Checks of the conduct of some companies even after using. In order to make sure of an employee it does not work in the financial problems, informs into 27% that works with verifications of antecedents in a certain point after the person assembles the personnel, according to the group of the human resources. editions of " bureau of credito" they can be the result of not paying to its accounts the time.

But the damaged credit can also be unfortunate the indirect effect of being saddled with unexpected the medical accounts, obtaining behind on its payments of mortgage or falling in execution of a mortgage due to an unattainable hypothecating loan, or a number of other reasons. Whereas the unemployment index rises and the economy continues fighting, the bad credit is probable to become a problem for more consumers. So that a company has access to its history of credit, you must give the writing permission. They will more likely ask to him to sign a form that says that he is ACCEPTABLE in a certain point during the process of the interview.

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