Flash Gallery

Representative easily and individually Flash animated photo galleries for the Internet create Munich August 08, 2011 – time Franzis brings to the main season for photos from vacation, Publisher of established user tools for HDR photography, RAW photo printing and digital imaging, with the Fotolights – Flash Gallery factory animated a new photo show software for Flash photo galleries for the Web. The simple workflow in Fotolights – Flash Gallery factory allows users without prior knowledge to get started immediately and in one of the over 100 different theme templates simply drag & drop to include up to 400 images, to create a Flash slideshow in minutes. The representative theme templates, whether for holiday, birthday, wedding or other parties can be changed individually and creatively or accordingly even newly create the own. With your own background music, recorded commentary, zoom, Pan, motion and transition effects, and animated clipart each slideshow is challenging, funny and above all alive for each viewer. Fotolights – Flash Gallery factory is the modern and quick option for creating an individual photo gallery or slideshow on the homepage, in blogs, on Facebook or other Web sites can be also easily email send to and can be used as a screensaver on your computer. Franzis Fotolights – Flash Gallery factory is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and at a price of 29.99 now in stores or available through. Fotolights – Flash Gallery factory photo galleries modern and individually, for each user, the user interface is understandable with a well thought-out workflow. Flash knowledge is not necessary. Using 5 index tab functions in the upper work pane, the photo gallery can be assembled in just a few minutes. The file format allows no copying of photos via right mouse click from the Web page and is available with a copyright and secondary URL link provided.

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