Floor Wash

Kitchen – one of the most popular destinations. Emil michael recognizes the significance of this. There is a lot more people than, say, in the office of the chief supervisor. Therefore, the floor should be durable. Tree – a very friendly option. But, unfortunately, office kitchens fluid often fall to the floor. So we offer a choice between a special laminate kitchen (if you're still madly in love the effect of the tree), linoleum (it is easiest wash) and sexually tiles.

Now you can choose a special non-slip kitchen tile, simply wash it. Covering the walls. It is best if the colors will be neutral. After all, a kitchen – this place for relaxation. While it is certainly a bright wall – to focus attention – can not hurt. If you use paint, remember: it should be easy to wash.

So do not hesitate to ask and buy products, designed for the maximum number of "bath" days. Tiles can impose a zone of "high risk": the sink, dryer and angle for the bin. If you do not want to mess with the tile – it has successfully replaced the wall panels. They are easy to use and quite durable. Kitchen furniture. Many office managers say that, unlike domestic kitchens, office furniture should be arranged differently. The main difference – the lack of drawers for small items. The basic principle of such an arrangement: in the upper cabinets are drier and a shelf for cups and utensils, cupboard for tea, coffee and sugar, the case for disposable tableware, cabinet for paper towels and napkins.

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