Flower Business

Flores and PlantasOrnamentais of the Great Christmas and Zona of Mata developed in the state the called project, the annual production of the state jultrapassou the mark of 250 a thousand connecting rods of plants and flowers and continues growing. The activity is seen as a segment with great potentiality of growth, being that most of the production of Brazil is exported, and a partefica minim in Brazil. In the last year the sector only had a economic movement also naordem of 75 million dollar, counting the exportations and the internal domercado consumption. This potentiality has taken the sector to invest in tecnologiae in the qualification of the staff to deal adequately with the culture of the plantasornamentais and the flowers. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). Cear In the ocultivo Cear of flowers with enterprise objective still started in the decade of 20, common Japanese immigrant, since then the business did not stop to grow, and nor asdiversas economic crises that the country faced shook the dessenegcio growth, that nowadays exports great part of its production. Desenvolvimentoda ornamental culture of flowers and plants As well as nosudeste of Brazil the north and the northeast are investing in qualification and novastecnologias what it is guaranteeing the development of the sector, that not requergrandes investments, but yes hand of specialized workmanship and much attention ecuidado in the hour to handle with the flowers and the plants. One of the maioresdificuldades of the sector, that makes it difficult its bigger growth is transportedessa culture that is perishable and requires well-taken care of special, and with high cost. In the floricultura Online Flowers you find flowers and baskets Preserved, planted, beyond special bouquets of flowers with gifts >.

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