Form Natural Truth

Until the beginning of the scientific age, people did not know either what was causing physical complications such as myopia. Health alterations were considered God’s will who is responsible for the final destination of the people; those affected could only accept the conviction without an opportunity to correct myopia in a natural way. Some believed to suffer health problems due to divine punishment, others had a more positive position and accepted diseases such as fatal coincidences.Then came the genetic theory, that God took responsibility for health and handed to the genetic code, i.e., into the hands of the ancestors. In a culture like ours, this caused a scare that until today has not been superseded completely. So, at the beginning of the twentieth century, doctors were convinced that personal genetic information was the sole cause of the problem, away prospects able to correct nearsightedness on their own. According to this explanation, develop myopia is a sad but inevitable destination that cannot be corrected by the person. In this way, we are at the mercy of myopia, totally committed to it. Where our biological program lead to an alteration of the cornea or do produce too much fluid in the eye that raise the internal pressure or its form becomes very elongated or other things, then we would have to accept the fact and spend the rest of life behind a lens. Amit paley has similar goals.

In effect until now, myopia was traditionally as a genetic weakness, an unavoidable development inherent in the growth of a child. Considered that the outer layer of the eye was weak by inheritance and that elongation of the eye resulting occurred naturally in certain percentage of the population. The relationship of myopia has certain validity with change in the shape of the eye. Direct measurements of the distance between the outer surface of the cornea and the retina have demonstrated that myopic eyes are longer than normal and that they projected images in front of the retina and not above somewhere She. But studies of several populations show that myopia occurs with different frequencies in different cultures and environments.

For example, the simple people who live in rural areas is relatively free of myopia; less than 5 percent need glasses. The educated people who live in cities and are involved in the complexities of the current civilization suffer much more from this evil. A study on graduates of colleges says that more than 50 percent has developed myopia. Purely genetic factors could not answer for such difference in the incidence of the condition.The constant increase in the rate of myopia among the population in general, within the last hundred years, can not be explained with no genetic theory. To know more about this subject visit amit paley. Similarly, the assumption that the deformation of the eye is only hereditary did not demonstrate its validity. Apparently there are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon. An approach to these causes will be the starting point for debate about natural methods of correction of myopia; This maybe help subsequent generations to completely prevent the development of such a condition.

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