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Fuel cell from Dresden is the potential of batteries and batteries extend fuel the future of portable power supply belongs to: to be able to use anytime, anywhere electronic large – and small appliances, without having to worry about the battery, is highly attractive in many application areas. The eZelleron GmbH as a partner of the Fraunhofer Institute for ceramic technologies and systems IKTS has driven far forward the research and development work and raised large sums in the first round of funding. To read more click here: iZotope CEO. Soon the production should start then everyone can have his safe, cheap and ecological mini power plant there. The current is the camera in the middle of the beautiful wedding. Shortly before the end of the call, the cell phone battery failed. That everyone knows: batteries are always then empty when you most need their power felt. Then, the search begins again after the next socket.

On travel, plenty of batteries, chargers and travel plugs can be found in any item of hand luggage. Of course, We have much the battery thanks. But it’s time for a flexible, affordable and ecological energy supply: through the use of energy-efficient fuel cells. In the future, you brought its own energy supplies, as it were a miniature power plant, and populated with a lot of gas, which is located in a conventional lighter. A fuel cell of the eZelleron GmbH can deliver current stable for many hours before she must be equipped with a lighter gas cartridge again. Our eZell range soon available “, so Dr. Sascha Kuhn, a Managing Director and CTO of eZelleron and world-renowned expert on fuel. Fuel cells, which allow quick start times and high power density with low space and weight requirements are the result of research and development work by eZelleron and its partners such as the Fraunhofer IKTS. The teething problems of the technology have been overcome so far had to contend with after the fuel cells with several open questions correct fuel that should be also easily available.

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