Fun With Credit Cards

For those of us who know how to use them properly, credit cards can actually be fun and profitable. For those who do not know how to use them properly, I would say you should stop reading this column right about now, or at least I would not advise you to try any of these things at home. What I described is not the credit card networks illegal. Instead, I'm talking about maximizing the benefits and offers that credit card companies and store chains offer their customers all the time. I have several credit card offers each month, but only accept those who come with no annual fee and pay me at least one percent cash back or credit on my purchases.

No matter what type of interest. Could be some kind of exorbitant, as 50% of all assistance, since they never carry a balance and always pay what I owe at the end of each month. Right now, probably about 15 different cards, but only use three of them regularly. I have a card that gives me an instant five percent credit on my gasoline purchases. So buy all of my gasoline with this card and use cash to buy it. I have another card that gives me five percent cash back on any purchase I make in a pharmacy or grocery store. Needless to say, try to use that card exclusively in establishments. The third card I regularly use gives me a credit of one percent on all purchases immediately.

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