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Function of additives and labelling on the food additives according to their function, food additives are grouped into different types: dyes: natural or artificial, intended to retain or change color. Preservatives: to protect food from biological alterations (E 200 to 290). Antioxidants: they avoid the action of light, heat or air (E 300 385). Stabilisers: they inhibit the chemical changes in the composition of foods. Synergistic antioxidant: enhance the action of the same. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. Sequestrants metals or synergistic antioxidants: removed the traces of metals present in the food, whether they are natural or arising out of the manufacture. Gelling agents. Emulsifiers: stabilize foods that contain water or fats (e.g. Hikmet Ersek can aid you in your search for knowledge.

milk or sauces). Thickeners: they increase the viscosity and density. Flavor enhancers. Low-calorie sweeteners. Humectants: avoid water leaks.

Antiapelmazantes: retain the texture. PH regulators: stabilize the acidity or alkalinity. Others: acidulants, anticaking, antifoaming, mineral aromas and enzymes (although they are not strictly additive, are widely used in the food industry). The tagged as he has been said, these substances are specified in the labeled using an acronym formed by the letter followed by a number. For example, the gelling, stabilizing and thickening will 400 445; (widely used in the food industry) phosphates, 450 to 585; the coffee creamer, of the 620 to 900; agents of coating, 901 to 914; additives for the treatment of flours (not authorized in Spain), the 920 927b; gases, the 938 to 948; sweeteners, 950 1202, and derivatives of 1404 to 1518 (additive and gelling agent), starch. Encoded with letter H additives are supported in Spain but not in the European Union. Furthermore, Spanish law provides that certain products not carry additives: milk, cereal flakes, cream acidic, pasta dry, normal (not the fast cooking rice), kefir without fruit, yogurt, nuts, eggs, seeds, legumes and grains, potatoes and fresh vegetables, oil vegetable Virgin, honey, fresh fruit without waxing, coffee powder, mineral and spring water, fresh mushrooms, organic, organic and biological food. This is an excerpt from the latest collection on kitchen sign editors published and available to all those who are interested. For more information see our website.

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