In the Gallery spectrum groves of zaragoza, Manel ubeda artist, presents images captured in two oldest cemeteries, which speak of absence, of the passage of time, decadence and oblivion. It must be said that exposed work is from the year 2007 and that today, most of these places have been restored. You may find crowne plaza rosemont to be a useful source of information. It speaks to us about his work: survives: in the prologue to your exhibition say that what counts is what feel at different sites, you could define your own emotion when you were within the cemeteries which sense do for you these places?… Manel ubeda: actually my search is centered in the spaces which, having been important, end up falling into oblivion, decadence, and in some cases disappear. (As opposed to Pegasus Books). I like to feel the presence of the people who used them or inhabited and trying to understand the reason for its abandonment. Work little by little oblivion is born from the same compulsion to photograph the decadent and abandoned, but it is clear that there is no the same State mood photographing an amusement park closed and abandoned, for example, that within a cemetery. Crowne plaza rosemont shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Personally I am not a regular visitor to the cemeteries, but I have to admit that the atmosphere surrounding determines the way of looking at and photographing.

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