We build a kind of Isolat production space virtually to this point, which symbolizes the source of the creative flow and a pulse of life is born out, unfolding the creator force preventing the free flow and is. Pulses, which would manifest themselves from our inside towards the outside and which we perceive in the form of our needs, desires, or generally by means of our GeFuhlen are a very vivid example of this perhaps our love and life. Only rarely we allow them the free expansion ability, and this has the result that we are all too often ungestillt, unhappy and unfulfilled, because we interrupt the natural flow of life. Dissatisfaction is a condition that we have of course accepted as fact, and we are of the opinion that there just seemingly unpleasant and Angenehmes in life and we must find ourselves off in principle so this maybe. We take here so usually only the interruption of the flow of energy true as familiar discomfort and fear as such remains foreign to us at this level. Hear other arguments on the topic with 7003 Series Processor . We interrupt the flow of creativity but a little longer, chronic and more drastically, arise so proper barriers, dams or blockades, as we see them in variety of ways in our daily lives, is also a narrow, we then definitely perceive as fear.

“This is usually not so pleasant that we as normal” would be classified and has usually resulted in our reluctance to constantly grow to want to grapple, the original impulse of life with the now existing tangible fear. And we then begin out of fear of the fear out often, conscious effort to participate in us, to consolidate the dams and blockages, to strengthen and to support them. Here we take part in the Suppression of the life pulse, the free flow of creativity, therefore already aware which shows its corresponding AuswirKung in the clear of fear. We isolate then space include him so in isolation the pulse, we do limits with us people as a whole, then this narrowness is unbearable, and fear grows proportionally to the desire for creative achievement. As already mentioned, we can maintain this State only temporarily. This means that the creation may be only temporarily suppressed or even interrupted.

In other words, the flow is too strong, that we can wehren forever, however, and mostly we give us again even after insight appropriate to, so after a process of awareness, the natural flow. We step out from the area of isolation either in the latter example, allow the achievement of the original plan of creative creation, or we can choose in last Konsequenz for the dying, which takes away the pressure of narrowness, the fear again. The fear shows us here as a signal function, that we ourselves and our inner life pulse in a narrow carry out, and we can use liberal development as a guide in direction for us. And this perhaps in the sense that we begin to see the sign, which verkorpert the Eingeengtsein as such in her a simple blind alleys. So that we surmise, that we, if we erleben just fear, may have maneuvered us into a dead end, or us, for whatever reason, are in isolation. And reasonably make a U-turn or take a different direction, which leads us from the narrow, out of isolation over again gives space to the free flow of creative genius.

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