Georgetown University

JOSE BRECHNER many of those who feel part of the oppressed or marginalized, are seeking a new identity in Islam. They are identified with the izquierdista-islamista propaganda, showing Western Muslims as victims of a cold society, disinterested by the disadvantaged, even if they have the same rights and opportunities as any for access to prosperity. Every day fundamentalist increases the number of blacks and Hispanics in North, Central and South America, which adhere to the religion of Muhammad, despite the denial of the freedom that implies faith. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times on March 15, 1999, written by Margaret Ramirez: tens of thousands of latinos are converted to Islam, confused by what they considered inconsistencies with Catholic doctrine. Mariam Montalvo is a Mexican who at age 21, decided to accept the shahada, the simple statement of faith that allows you to become Muslim.

Montalvo criticized that there are those who will say Catholics, but smoke and drink, and that goes against their principles. While the Church Catholic lost adherents, the Pope has decided to take a turn towards conservatism, imposing mass in latin as he practiced until 1964. If through the ancient modality liturgical the Vatican hopes to attract more acolytes, is a mystery. So far the only thing achieved is antagonizing the other Christian denominations and all existing religions, to dig up the belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true, a concept identical to the Islamic extremist. The reality is that the West is a believer but secular, society which grew tired of rituals, and the corrupt, paedophiles and false spiritual leaders. Each seeks his way in his own way, without taxation, that from every point of view is the rational, sensible, natural and correct.

Islam is the religion of most rapid ascent in America, his acolytes amounted to seven million in the United States, most are black that are converted by antagonize with whites who are usually Christians, and the same is happening with latinos. Since the Arabs and Africans are Brown, found a common symbolism in the color of the skin. Some latinos are considered genetically related with the Moors. In Latin America with the highest proportion of Muslims countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Panama, where there are Arab immigrants followers of Muhammad, however, are being currently built mosques at places of indigenous, purely Catholic population. The intimate relations of rulers banana left with Islamist extremists, seeks start Levantine emigration towards Southern Cone fundamentalist. In United States there are 1,209 mosques, 87 per cent were built from 1970 onwards. In Southern California, where 41 percent of residents are Hispanic and make up the majority of the population, there is the third largest Muslim concentration. According to a Georgetown University study, eight percent of latinos change of religion in the United States, becoming Protestant, or Mohammedans, in many cases by simple rebellion against family and tradition. The most radical tend to adopt the religious extremism as a form of contempt for the system. American prisons are places of greater indoctrination and conversion to Islam. Prisoners are on sharia a powerful instrument to unite, express their rancor and try to destroy the white man along with their culture.

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