Gerhard Reinhold Presents His New Book From The Book Publisher Andrea Schmitz

During an early hoppens in Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Hamburg merchant Gerhard Reinhold presents his new book “Advertising in the course of time”, published in the book publishing house Andrea Schmitz. Gerhard Reinhold presents a book, is shown in an advertising campaign, which has shaped the Hamburg Eidelstedt part the city for decades. This book by an Eidelstedter about and for Eidelstedt is stylishly presented within the framework of Eidelstedter early hoppens with jazz band. Advertising surrounds us, she is omnipresent – we have used so much to them, that we accept them as part of our world. She is also a cultural and social role.

Given the current advertising landscape with its nationwide campaigns, cleverly hidden messages, and new advertising media, it is very interesting to look at the advertising campaign of the well-known department store Reinhold & Pabst over a period of more than half a century. Penetrate the open and personal style of the entrepreneur Gerhard Reinhold here very effectively and generates a personification of the company, an effective customer loyalty through spatial and mental proximity. The advertising is capable of the Department to integrate the operators and advertisers as part of the neighboring community and far beyond the actually rather narrow limits of beyond the pure neighborhood. Succeeded in the entrepreneur Gerhard Reinhold, who always designed and the ad text according to also continuously alone put his advertising, to incorporate original ideas, which made these campaigns so charming, unique and personal. This book contains a piece of history, a piece of entrepreneur biography, a piece of BAS and a piece of Visual AIDS for simple but effective advertising. It is also more than entertaining to see the pearls of advertising messages by once again: “where only with the many money?” -We know Council, bring it to us”

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