Good Contract

7 tips for negotiating a good contract of rent in offices when it comes time to renegotiate your lease of offices, you can take the opportunity to find savings that could even take you once the market recovers completely. These tips will serve for this purpose: begins the process of renewal with time. You can begin to renegotiate your lease of offices a year or at least three months before the due date. This will give you some time to see other buildings and decide if you want to rent another place or continue in the same. If you don’t get the terms you want to on the part of the lessor, you can terminate the contract of rent and find another building.

Sets the rate of existing income market. Check out what are the prices of similar buildings lease to give you a good indication of what you could negotiate. Also find out what your landlord has been offering new tenants in your building to know if you can get better conditions. Verifies that the use of space corresponds to the price charged. Find out What percentage of space offers you the Office rent and if it is suitable the price that they charge you.

He asked if you can do maintenance on the site. Probably the owner undertakes such work or adaptations of the Office for your business. Where it is not, maybe you can negotiate a better price due to the maintenance you need to do. Limit of personal guarantees. Commonly, the owners of buildings requested tenants personal guarantees or letters of credit to cover the buildup of transaction costs, but must limit the actual price of the process. For example, the cost of the rent on the lease. Put a stop to the operation costs. It negotiates a limit on annual increases. Looking for free benefits. If you need more storage space or additional parking just ask for it! With information: realtor.org source: press release sent by ofirent1.

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