Government McCain

Analyst international after super Tuesday has been a big winner: John McCain. Macy’s Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. 3 Months ago his campaign was without funds and without support. Today he has appeared as the undisputed leader of Republicans already to meet 60 percent of the delegates he needs to be proclaimed as its candidate. The big loser is Mitt Romney who, despite the fact that won in 7 States, failed to win California, lowered his percentage of delegates widely and could not hegemonize the conservatives. Removed to the base the Evangelist Mike Huckabee, who won in 5 States.

He could negotiate with McCain to go to a common iron that empower the Republicans. McCain capitalizes on the division of their rivals on the right of his party, his party rival. Within the Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are tied. He is supported by the young, black, male, liberal and those who seek change and she for adults older, Latino, women, moderates and those who valued experience. The democratic struggle for time and perhaps has not It is resolved until your Conference from August 25-28. If Republicans come together after McCain could hit them hard. Barack knows that it has stopped Hillary, who in 2007 seemed unbeatable, and he tends to win States that vote in February on the new 9. As Obama is only beginning to be known he believes that time plays in their favour to promote his proposal for change.

She has more super-delegados, believes that in March WINS in the big States of Texas and Ohio and that push in the Convention so that the voided results from Florida and Michigan are respected. McCain is under pressure from conservatives who want to allow him to reconcile both with Democrats. On the other hand, in the Democratic race grow who call for more taxes and State intervention to give universal health insurance. If McCain accepts a foreign policy less anti-ecologista, he calls heavy-handed in Iraq (where you want to be a century). If there is a new war (against Iran) or a new 11-S he could boost. In change, if the economy deteriorates the Democrats will be strengthened. Obama wants to be the American Mandela: moderate black that renew the policy and patch the divisions of class, race and creed. In a country that usually vote always by the candidate most opposed to the Government that is fall, Obama represents the most different from Bush. He perhaps is that could most dispute independents. Clinton is in a sandwich between McCain and Obama. She continues to support the invasion of Iraq but also requests to withdraw the troops there. This position is of pleasing both camps but also disposes of the two ends, those who are best represented by the octogenarian Falcon and the African-American palomo.

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