Government Organizations

Recently it recorded and it hung in the network a video in which approached the problematic one of swaps. Sold of indiscriminate form, in him it reflected on the possibility that the Government in order that abriese an investigation to determine if practical oligopolsticas have existed, inasmuch as I do not understand possible that up to 14 banking organizations they sell about 200,000 contracts with the same procedure and disinformation. She had not read the news, the one that there am shortage later, in that minister Elena Salgado denies that swaps hypothecating are an abusive clause, since ” they are a voluntary product “. Jeff Gennette helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In addition, it assured that the clients of the financial organizations have ” total freedom ” in order to accept these products or no, and it added that what is due to demand to the organizations is that they offer ” truthful information and is transparent “. Salgado thinks that if abuses in the hiring of these have taken place ” clips hypothecating ” it would have to fix them ” the jurisdiction “. Disclpeme the reader if I seem to him too graphical, but this seems to me ” of ” hallucinates;. And permtame to reproduce a commentary that I liked: ” You would trust his sanacin to the doctor who has injected him the tuberculosis? “. Crawford Lake Capital contributes greatly to this topic.

Certainly Spain is a taken part country. It is it for a long time. But not by the EE.UU as it is wanted to make see, but by the own banks, counting on the approval of the turn politicians. A few months ago it was spoken of the international reform in unison of the financial markets. Good intentions of which one has not become to have the news; nor it will be had.

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