No society whose members have not had beliefs is not known Re-ligiosas, starting with the magic and terminando with spiritual knowledge. Inclu-so the more Australian wild primitivos love a world of the spirit. In the actua-mobility, men belong to thousands of religiosas sects, and the adherents of each one generally considered to own as the only and true revealed religion. When examining the origins of a belief, it is evident that the main factor that determines the religious opiniones of a person is the religion of their parents and the environment that were spent the first years of his life. All religions are based largely on the mismas truths espiri-centage, but differ in the importance given to the various aspects of these truths and the simbolismo used to make them understandable for the common hombre. Each one of the sects exhibits its part of the spiritual waters in a reci-receiver which gives his revelations forms and nuances that are attractive and are adapta-dos to the mental, emotional and spiritual state of its adherents.

In all recipiente is some superstition and magic mud mixed with spiritual waters. Current cults of the world have emerged from eleven major religions ma-yoria of which have more than two thousand years old. We try to facilitate opening up pathways that support the esclareci – ment of the human spirit and contribute to motivate people toward a verdade-ra assessment of reality and their chances of changing it. 5-Faith in achievements towards the future strength of the democracy which we deal at this point is that Governments should not set goals that cannot be achieved. The ability of a Government to eva-luar data of reality and its real competencia for challenges to come-nan future projects is the difference between success and failure; and this capacity is directly proportional to the development of this sense of evaluate things, in every one of the members of that Government. .

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