Great Artists

The greater of the artists it is not in novels, films or articles of magazines. It is in the sun that shines, in the cold dawn It cannot be seen, nor touched But he can be felt therefore it is all day in its company. It has pardoned all the type of sin It is in the eyes of the child It is our hope. It is in the rain that falls on the land he is in the green that has covered the mountain range in all the planet Land. It is the owner of all the seas, of the rivers, mountains and valleys It it is the force biggest of the universe the test that rhymes my verses. It is bigger of the celebrities he was a great architect and sculptor, he did not attend a course University but in the life also It was doctor. You do not matter what you make, It never is absent but he is always present because It you of the true a peace! I go to disclose to you It teaches in them to love also to pardon It is the poet of the Love Biggest. It is a great light to illuminate my way leaves never me alone, I am speaking of the great one artist JESUS. author: Valria Regina de Carballo..

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