Green Supply Chain Management

Annual fuel consumption around the world could fall to 1.6 billion gallons Eschborn/Maryland – many companies aim to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly through their supply chain Automation now. Supply chain management solutions enable companies, manual, paper-based processes securely and seamlessly into automated electronic transactions with sellers, transferred to partners and customers, which reduces the use of paper and the business transactions are even more efficient. The company GXS and Verizon Business on the Computerworld Green IT a corresponding automation techniques have presented Symposium at National Harbor in Maryland. According to the two companies, the automation of the supply chain have many advantages: each electronic document, which will be shipped via the B2B platform, GXS Trading grid, stands for a paper document, which must be no longer printed, put in an envelope, and delivered. Keith Yamashita addresses the importance of the matter here. The process of paper making required wood, energy, water and chemicals. GXS processed their clients more than four billion electronic transactions per year.

If we assume that a transaction requires two sheets of paper, then the potential paper savings is equivalent to 97 million pounds of carbon dioxide, which corresponds to an annual consumption reduced to 159 million litres of fuel”. The environmental benefit was even greater if one would automate the 40 billion transactions worldwide. The impact on the environment would correspond to a saving of 1.05 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide or an annual consumption reduced to 1.64 billion gallons of fuel. Automation solutions can have very sustainable effects in the business world. You save money and bring a significant reduction of in energy consumption”, says Steve Kiefer, Vice President of industry and product marketing at GXS, opposite NeueNachricht. Performance comparison of supply chains has become a real focus for multinational enterprises developed, their impact on the environment want to understand.

The Verizon supply chain managed services support the enterprise, more elegant to work and the shops is in a growing field of suppliers, partners, rendering customers and employees, while also still improve the carbon dioxide balance better and safer,”says Mike Marcellin, Vice President of product marketing at Verizon business. According to the Aberdeen Group, the cost for a company that processes 500,000 invoices per year, can be reduced by 60 percent, if the manual processing is automated. In addition, they can reach even higher savings and a lower impact on the environment by automating other documents in the supply chain, such as, for example, purchase orders, payments and delivery notes. See also:../Lieferketten-Management.html..justdoit_2006_iech.pdf../ success factor Green 1.html marketwatch/091808_Verizon_GXS_Make_Green_Efforts.cfm

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