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According to the popular saying, through repair means to survive a fire. However, to compare the repair of the disaster is not worth it, because it contains not only the disorder and confusion, but also the beginning of new life creativity, for imagination. Especially if the repair is done personally. What are the advantages of repair, do it yourself? First, repairing rooms, meter by meter, you save significant funds, that could be spent on services contracting firm, the quality of work which often does not meet expectations. Swarmed by offers, Tim Schigel is currently assessing future choices. Secondly, everyone knows that nobody can make repairs flats so lovingly and carefully as her boss. So, if you took a courageous and responsible decision – to make repairs of the apartment itself. Contrary to common opinion, it's the first thing necessary to start, it's not stripping wallpaper from the walls and packing in plastic bags furniture. Before how to start the repair, not bad at first to make his plan.

What is the plan for repairs? Most repairs can be of two types – capital and cosmetic. If you do not want to do the partitioning and load-bearing elements are still in the normal state, then venturing overhaul is not necessary. From the standpoint of expediency, it is better to restrict cosmetic. Once you have decided on the type of repair, pick up the overall style of the room. It is entirely depends on the personality of the host and can be as strict, classical and modern, such as high-tech style and art deco. Divide the room into several sections – work areas that define the style of each of them, highlight for yourself furniture, decoration, accessories, and only then proceed with the purchase of building materials.

Purchases of construction materials – a very important step in the process of repair. For more specific information, check out technology at millennium. For these purposes, you can visit as usual, and online store building materials. Any online shop for repairs will provide you with the delivery of construction materials. If floor space is large enough, and you buy construction materials prices are pretty high in bulk, you can safely claim a discount. In fact, the necessary quality of construction materials and availability of necessary tools – that's half the excellent results of your repair. Second half – your skills and skills. Is not quite skilled newfound master can align the ceiling and walls – you need only to choose the correct plaster and stucco. If you are the first in his life took a spatula and unsure as its work – do not worry – now every online store building materials can give you a means to fill the ceiling itself is aligned to the horizontal. Inexperienced artist who decided to make the repairs alone, can working tricks. Roughness of the walls can hide textured wallpaper, giving the walls a bright and expressive visual effect that many of the shortcomings finishes are virtually unnoticeable. Not at all refuse to align the walls of glass fiber will help. Glass wall made of glass containing a purely natural materials – lime, silica sand, soda, dolomite, which guarantees their environmental friendliness. Due to the natural origin, under steklooboyami had not acquired the fungus, they do not attract dust, does not tear, scratch, burn, and, besides, saves energy and time required for the plaster walls.

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