Harvard Business School

With an objective procedure to the right personnel decisions the Internet-based PeopleRating system selected through an interactive process in less than 30 minutes, tailored to the individual candidates tuned the real behaviour schema to analyze a selection from 150 to 200 questions from a pool of more than 2,000, which are particularly suitable. A so-called unrealistic index creates interactive test questions at the same time, the inference on the credibility of the responses are. As a model momentum”in the Gulf, the system adjusts the behaviors of the candidates with the ideal” behavior off and puts it in relation to a comparison group of other candidates in adequate function and position (n > 5000). For assistance, try visiting Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The findings of the analysis are compared with promising behavior patterns in the connection and used in relation to a comparison group. The PeopleRating system is globally harmonized format can be used in 12 languages. It can evaluate any number of people on all levels and in all sizes of companies. The Results are available the next day.

The PeopleRating system in contrast to personality tests is not based on psychological theories or personality inventories in clinical psychology, but was developed directly from the practice and evaluated real behavior. In cooperation with the Harvard Business School, and together with Jim Collins (“best sellers: good to great”) from Stanford University the criteria of a performance-oriented competence model were developed and further improved now over 10,000 conducted management assessments and over a period of 15 years. Unmatched Validitatswerte with highest accuracy and reliability are the result, when it comes to determine the potential for future success by people in a specific vocational context. While traditional methods – whether structured interviews, assessment centers or intelligence and personality tests rarely exceed Validitatswerte by 0.25, reached the PeopleRating System values of about 0.85. Even if the Validitatsaussage is reduced to working and learning success, performance testing and structured interviews just once in combination reach a corrected validity of 0.63.

Thus it is not surprising that many human resources managers representing the statement: tests bring nothing! “.” PeopleInvest has so far made same experience and therefore developed the PeopleRating system : cheap insurance against costly missteps. Especially in the current times of crisis, it guarantees reproducible, statistically validated decisions at significantly lower use of resources in contrast to the elaborate and largely subjective standard selection procedure. PeopleInvest is an international consulting firm with headquarters in the heart of Munich.

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